Annual Service Contracts

As you may be aware that the Electricity at work regulation 1989 is a statutory instrument which says that, where lightning protections is fitted, it should be professionally tested by a trusting company tested on a annual basis no more then 11 month to comply with the BS6651: 1999 if this annual test and inspection is not carried out and dose not have a valid test certificate, your company may be liable for prosecution if your building take a direct strike from lightning causing Loss of Human Life, Loss of Services to the Public, Loss of Cultural Heritage, Loss of Economic Value.

Therefore, to ensure that your company complies with in the law, we would be pleased to submit a quotation and a scope of services, for your annual test and inspection of the lightning protection system or systems installed to your buildings.

Please note:

  1. Order may be placed for a single year, or to two years extended up to three years. Orders up to three will not be subject to annual price increases.
  2. Prices are based on works to be completed with in 12 months of acceptance of order and during the course of continues visit to site
  3. Quotation are valid up to 60 days from the date of your inquires.