Lightning Protection Systems Design from Lightning Strike


Designing a lightning protection system is far from simple. The requirements vary from building to building and protection system options are several. You have to protect not only the structure but also your electrical/electronic installations through separate systems.

The protection system can vary from a simple lightning rod to a complex mesh known as Faraday cage. While the building protection system can effectively conduct the lightning charge to earth, part of the charge can rise up and damage electrical installations unless these are protected through surge protection devices. In a large establishment, the requirements can get quite complex.

Current British standard for lightning protection systems is BS EN 62305 – 2006. Experienced engineers at Lightning Strike can design systems that meet protection requirements for your particular facility and also comply with British and European standards, however complex these are.

Visual Appearance


Modern, aesthetics-conscious users prefer lightning protection systems that blend in with the structure without sticking out like an eyesore. We at Lightning Strike understand this preference and take care to develop designs that meet this expectation. You will thus receive designs that not only ensure the health and safety of your structure, installations and people but are also unobtrusive and do not affect the pleasing looks of your buildings and décor.

Features of the Service


Lightning Strike services are characterised not only by effective delivery of lightning protection but also by:

  • Free Risk Assessment
  • Fast turnaround
  • Competitive prices
  • Compliance with applicable regulations
  • Nationwide delivery of services

We will provide a detailed report on the requirements for protecting your particular building and electrical/electronic installations against lightning so that you will be able to understand the significance of the design we submit. The report will also cover the safe work methods we will use to implement the design. Considering also our low prices, you are unlikely to find another comparable lightning protection solution.