Gutter Cleaning Service


This preventative pro-active maintenance programme is recommended once every six months to compensate for seasonal changes.

We offer a nationwide maintenance service devoted to the regular cleaning of roof and surface water drainage systems to all types of properties across the UK. Full UK coverage supported by other group services affords peace of mind and value for money.

Group services
  • Access and safety systems
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Gutter clearance and maintenance
The services we are able to offer:

Cleaning and clearance

Gutters and surface water gullies, channels drains and split drains will be cleaned in accordance with our specifications. Channels that are over 50% full will have the grids removed and the spoil manually dug out opposed to just jetting. All debris will be bagged and safely removed from site.


Upon the completion of a contract, a full report will be issued identifying any remedial work required, including any broken or missing parts, joint seal/bitumen treatments required and any serious blockages, supported by digital photography, recommendations and a quotation.

All engineers are fully trained in the use of fall arrest systems, which will be used to secure any potential fall situation.


We have a network of engineers based throughout the UK


Contracts and group discounts available for multi-sites.