Lightning Protection Services

Lightning strike will offer great lightning protection services at low prices. We would be delighted to undertake surveys and submit recommendations upon your instructions. We can promise a speedy, efficient and professional lightning protection service, all at a very competitive price.

Lightning strikes the ground throughout the world 100 times every second. It is one of nature’s most destructive elements; a single lightning bolt can carry up to 1 billion volts of energy and can reach temperatures of 28,000°C.

Lightning Protection systems are designed to give this energy a safe and low impedance path to earth.

There are three parts to a structural Lightning Protection System:

  • Air Termination Network – The purpose of the air termination network is to capture the lightning current and dissipate it safely to earth, thus reducing any physical damage to the structure.
  • Down Conductors – These should take the shortest practical route from the air termination network to the earth termination system. The Lightning current is shared equally between the down conductors, therefore the greater number of down conductors, the less current flows down each one.
  • Earth Termination Network – This disperses the current safely and efficiently into the ground. The British standard states that a resistance of 10 ohms or less is required to achieve this.

It is important that Lightning protection systems are correctly designed and installed by specialist engineers.