Test & Inspection

Testing and Inspection Services for Lightning Protection Systems


The impact of a lightning strike can vary depending on various factors and only a systematic testing program can uncover risk vulnerabilities.

Lightning Strike recommends testing of lightning protection systems every eleven months. The significance of such a program is that over a twelve year period, the protection system would have been tested under all seasonal conditions. The variations in seasonal conditions can significantly affect the performance of the lightning protection system owing to seasonal changes in resistance and other characteristics.

Testing Standards


Lightning Strike conducts the tests in accordance with the standards laid down in BS EN 62305. The testing will be exhaustive and complete in the first year and can be less elaborate visual inspections in subsequent years.

The testing under the above standard is thorough and comprehensive with details being gathered (and documented) about the building, the lightning protection system and the testing process. The materials used, the dimensions and the practices adopted are all reviewed and checked for adequacy.  The continuity and soil conditions are also covered by the testing process.

A complete testing (and remedial actions where needed) will ensure that all your structures and key electrical and electronic installations are safe from the impact of a lightning strike. You will receive a detailed report that will include not only the findings of the test but also recommendations for any corrective actions and an estimate of applicable costs.

Once you have approved the cost estimates, Lightning Strike can also execute the remedial works. You will find that the prices quoted by us are quite low while the value of the services provided by our experience engineers is quite high. The work will be done in accordance with British and European standards.

The certificate of compliance issued after the inspection will help you document that you have complied with statutory requirements. More importantly, if you are a business, you can rest assured that a lightning is not going to cripple your operations.